Sir Simon MacDonald Lockhart, Lee Castle and Lanark

Sir Simon MacDonald Lockhart

The Lockhart family, one of the best known names in the area, owned extensive lands and property throughout Clydesdale, Lanarkshire and part of Midlothian, dating back over 700 years ago to the time of Robert the Bruce. The present day Lee Castle, though no longer owned by the family, was throughout the 19th and into the early 20th century, the main residence of the MacDonald Lockarts. (it was sold in 1948)

This photograph on the left shows Sir Simon MacDonald Lockhart (1849-1919), the 5th Baronet of Lee. He was a professional soldier, and served with the Life Guards, seeing action in Egypt in 1882 during the nationalist uprising against British/French control of the country, for which he was awarded the Egypt medal and Khedive Star, later becoming a Brigadier and a member of the Victorian Order, and Colonel of the Lanarkshire Imperial Yeomanry

Sale of Work held in grounds of Lee Castle, 1918

Througout the centuries, the Lockhart family were all actively involved in the affairs of Lanark, playing a full part in its cultural, religious, economic and civic life, perhaps the best known example in Sir Simon’s time being the endowment by the family of the Lockhart Hospital. The illustration on the right is a good example of the fundraising activities of the family, for a variety of good causes, in this case the Scottish Red Cross

Sir Simon himself gained the Freedom of the Burgh, and as well as being a Burgess of the town. On his death in 1919 the baronetcy became extinct, and a considerable part of the estate was sold off to pay estate duty.

As part of the work in of administering the estate on Sir Simon’s death, the following document below was produced as part of the accounts, and is of great interest as many of the individuals and businesses mentioned in it will be familiar to Lanarkians

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