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St Kentigern's Church in Lanark

St Kentigern’s Church, Lanark


It is remarkable that in Scotland there is only one medieval church dedicated to St Kentigern under his own proper name. There are many others dedicated to him under the…

Lanark Airshow 1910


The Lanark Airshow was the first airshow in Scotland and it was particularly special in that it was also the second British International Airshow. It attracted competitors from all over…

Lowther Hills

The history of Leadhills


The village of Leadhills lies over 1,300 feet up in the Lowther Hills in a desolate, exposed landscape.  With a history of mineral exploitation going back to medieval times, it…

Lamington Tower

A brief history of Lamington


Marion Braidfute, reputed to be William Wallace’s wife, was raised at the ancestral home of the Baillie Family, Lamington Tower (the remains of which are still visible on the outskirts…

South Lanarkshire landscape

A brief history of Roberton


Roberton was the site of one of Edward I’s mottes. It commanded an excellent view of the Clyde Valley, a major route for trader and rebel alike. The remains of…

Old Photograph of Crawfordjohn

The history of Crawfordjohn


There is a well known saying ‘Out of the World and into Crawfordjohn’ and so came John, stepson of Baldwin, a Flemish lord from Biggar to build his castle, his…

Carnwath Church illustration

Carnwath Church


The closure of Carnwath Church has prompted me to write a brief history of the Church. The church was built by the architect David Bryce in 1864-7.  It was designed to…

Wilstontown aerial shot

The Story of Wilsontown


Wilsontown–the birthplace of Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. Wilsontown is not a place known to many people but it is the birthplace of Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. Prior to 1779, when work began…

Parish Church, Carstairs

The Carstairs Story


The book, McCallum’s Clydesdale, was written in 1924. It is a mine of useful information and a special chapter is devoted to Carstairs. In his book McCallum describes how he…

Roman Fort at Crawford

Roman Fort at Crawford


This fort was only discovered in 1938 by aerial photography through the work of Professor JKS St Joseph. However, it was not until 1961 that excavations took place and these…