The village of Leadhill lies over 1300 feet up in the Lowther Hills in a desolate, exposed landscape.  With a history of mineral exploitation going back to medieval times, it is determined to build a future on its past.

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Thomson map of Leadhills, 1832

Thomson Map of Leadhills

Year: 1832

This is a valuable map of Leadhills from 1832. The map shows the horse gin (marked as ‘gin’ on the map) near the village. This apparatus was used to raise…

Ordnance Survey map of Leadhills, 1859

First Edition Ordnance Survey map of Leadhills

Year: 1859

This is the first Ordnance Survey map of Leadhills from 1859. The OS maps were a game-changer in the field of cartography. From this map, we see that many of…

Arrowsmith map of Leadhills, 1807

Arrowsmith map of Leadhills

Year: 1807

The Aaron Arrowsmith Map of 1807 is a useful map. It was undertaken at a time when there was a significant demand for lead. In 1807 Britain was engaged in…

Forest map of Leadhills, 1819

Forrest map of Leadhills

Year: 1819

The Forrest map of Leadhills from 1819. This map includes various details, including reference to the Hopetouns. The Hopetouns had owned the land around Leadhills since the early part of…

Pont map of Leadhills area

Pont Map of Leadhills area

Year: 1596

In 1596, when this map was produced, lead mining had not commenced in the area. As such, the map shows a number of small settlements such as Glendorch and Snar.…

Blaeu map of Leadhills, 1654

Blaeu map of Leadhills

Year: 1654

Blaeu’s map of Leadhills from 1654. This map greatly improved accuracy from Timothy Pont’s map of the area. Blaeu was a Dutch cartographer born in Alkmaar. This map was produced…

John Doret map of Leadhills, 1750

John Doret map

Year: 1750

The John Doret map of Leadhills from 1750. The map shows the names of some of the small settlements not mentioned in Joan Blaeu’s map. Map courtesy of the National…

Ross Map of Leadhills, 1776

Ross Map of Leadhills

Year: 1776

A fascinating map of Leadhills from 1776. The map references the “Great Quantities of Gold found here”, as well as areas rich in lead deposits.

Crawfordjohn, pre-World War 1


This card was produced for John Renton, who was probably the postmaster. The card is pre First World War. It shows Crawfordjohn as a community that had changed little from…

Leadhills Main Square

Year: 1914

This is a rather unusual view of Leadhills showing the main square and surrounding buildings. It is interesting to see by the time this photograph was done the roof of…