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A view of Lamington Station from the 1960s

Lamington Station


This is a view of Lamington Station, probably taken in the early 1960s. By the 1970s, the station had been demolished. It was originally a small wooden hut built for…

Lamington House


This is a nice view of Lamington House, home of the Baillie Cochrane family. This house was eventually demolished in the 1950s. The reason being that the direct line of…

Tinto from the south


A postcard showing Tinto from the South, pictured from Lamington. It is on this side of Tinto that Fatlips Castle is to be found. Remains of this castle are to…

Lamington Tower

A brief history of Lamington


Marion Braidfute, reputed to be William Wallace’s wife, was raised at the ancestral home of the Baillie Family, Lamington Tower (the remains of which are still visible on the outskirts…