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Clydesdale's HeritageWelcome to Clydesdale's Heritage, a project aimed at encouraging all people to take an active interest in the heritage and history of the Clydesdale area.

This website is one of several initiatives from Lanark and District Archaeology Society (LADAS) to encourage engagement with the history of the region. The project includes lecture programmes, fieldwalks, cataloguing artefacts, inspiring school pupils during talks and presentations, and working with like-minded organisations – with the end goal being to record and preserve the heritage of Clydesdale.

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John Doret map of Leadhills, 1750

John Doret map

Year: 1750

The John Doret map of Leadhills from 1750. The map shows the names of some of the small settlements not mentioned in Joan Blaeu’s map. Map courtesy of the National…

Ross Map of Leadhills, 1776

Ross Map of Leadhills

Year: 1776

A fascinating map of Leadhills from 1776. The map references the “Great Quantities of Gold found here”, as well as areas rich in lead deposits.

Pont's map of Lanark, 1596

Pont’s Map of Lanark

Year: 1596

Pont’s Map of Lanark from 1596. This map gives an incredible look at the layout of Lanark during the time of James VI of Scotland. By 1596, Lanark had four…

Forest Map of Shieldhill, 1816

Forest Map of Shieldhill

Year: 1816

The Forest Map of 1816 showing Shieldhill contains considerably more detail than William Roy’s map of 1752. The map indicates the growing importance of neighbouring Huntfield. The Chancellors had continued…

Ordnance Survey map of Lanark Castle

Ordnance Survey map of Lanark Castle


This Ordnance Survey map provides some idea of the layout of Lanark Castle.

Roy Map of Shieldhill and Quothquan, 1752

Roy Map of Quothquan and Shieldhill

Year: 1752

William Roy’s 1752 map of Quothquan and Shieldhill, showing that the area around Shieldhill had several fields surrounded by trees, part of a designated landscape. Quothquan Mill is shown to…

Blaeu map of Quothquan, 1654

Blaeu map of Quothquan

Year: 1654

The 1654 map of Quothquan by Joan Blaeu. The map does not indicate a settlement at Quothquan, instead showing Quothquan Mill (then named ‘Kothoon Mill’). This was shown at a…

Ross map of Quothquan, 1773

Ross Map of Quothquan

Year: 1773

The Ross Map of Quothquan from 1773. The map shows clearly the settlement of Quothquan stretching alongside a road from Roadhead Farm. The church is not marked on this map;…

Ordnance Survey map of Wilsontown, 1898

Ordnance Survey map of Wilsontown

Year: 1898

The updated Ordnance Survey map of Wilsontown from 1898 shows the profound effect that railways had on industrial areas such as Wilsontown. The station was near Wilsontown House. The term…

Ordnance Survey map of Wilsontown, 1858

First Ordnance Survey map of Wilsontown

Year: 1858

One of the first Ordnance Survey maps of Wilsontown and the surrounding area. The map shows the Iron Works as being disused. Parallel to the old iron works is a…

Ordnance Survey map of Carnwath, 1860

Ordnance Survey map of Carnwath

Year: 1860

One of the first Ordnance Survey maps of Carnwath, from c. 1860. Several interesting features are included, such as the Lockhart Arms Hotel, which is now a farm. The original…

Ordnance Survey map of Lesmahagow from 1896

Ordnance Survey map of Lesmahagow

Year: 1896

An example of a 25″ to 1 mile map of Lesmahagow completed in 1896 for the Ordnance Survey. Interesting notes include the Gas Works located next to the graveyard. The…