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Clydesdale's HeritageWelcome to Clydesdale's Heritage, a project aimed at encouraging all people to take an active interest in the heritage and history of the Clydesdale area.

This website is one of several initiatives from Lanark and District Archaeology Society (LADAS) to encourage engagement with the history of the region. The project includes lecture programmes, fieldwalks, cataloguing artefacts, inspiring school pupils during talks and presentations, and working with like-minded organisations – with the end goal being to record and preserve the heritage of Clydesdale.

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Blaeu map of Carnwath, 1645

Blaeu map of Couthally

Year: 1645

A map of Carnwath (Couthally) by Joan Blaeu in 1645. Blaeu was a Dutch cartographer born in Alkmaar, the son of cartographer Willem Blaeu. Couthally rather than Carnwath is mentioned.…

Thomson map of Carnwath, 1832

Thomson Map of Carnwath

Year: 1832

A detailed Thomson Map of Carnwath dating from 1832. Couthally is featured here, though with a slight mis-spelling. Details include the Mansion House (Carnwath House), plus the Kirk and the…

Ross Map of Carnwath, 1773

Ross Map of Carnwath

Year: 1773

A Ross Map of Carnwath dating from 1773. The map includes great detail of Carnwath, including street layouts. It is interesting to note that ‘Cowdayly’ is included in this map.…

Forest map of Carnwath, 1819

Forest Map of Carnwath

Year: 1819

A Forest map of Carnwath dating from 1819. The map is detailed, showing the Kirk, manse, mansion house, and Green Inn. It also has the tolls prominently displayed. The money…

Carnwath Map, 1858

19th century Carnwath map

Year: 1858

This was the second map of 1858, showing the whole village of Carnwath. The map indicates three churches in close proximity to each other, including St Mary’s Aisle.

Blaeu map of Bonnington, 1654

Blaeu map of Bonnington

Year: 1654

This map was published in 1654 by Joan Blaeu, a Dutch cartographer born in Alkmaar, the son of cartographer Willem Blaeu. It was based on the first detailed map of…

1860 Ordnance Survey map of Lanark

Ordnance Survey map of Lanark

Year: 1860

This Ordnance Survey map shows Lanark in the 1860s. Map reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.

Timothy Pont map of 1596 showing Lanark

Pont Map of Lanark

Year: 1596

A Timothy Pont map from 1596 showing Lanark. The map shows what appears to be a tower house enclosed by a ditch. This ditch could be the remains of the…

Forest Map of 1819 showing Bonnington

Forest Map showing Bonnington

Year: 1819

A Forest Map of Lanarkshire from 1819. The Forest Map series showed considerable detail, including of the Bonnington Estate. At this time, walks and paths were created by Lady Mary…

Forest Map of 1819

Forest Map

Year: 1819

A Forest Map from 1819. This is the first detailed map of Lanarkshire to show the Wilsontown Iron Works. It even shows the furnace and a rail road that went…

Lanark shown in the Wood Town Atlas map of 1822

Wood Town Atlas

Year: 1822

This map is from the Wood Town Atlas of 1822. At this point, Lanark had not changed much since the Middle Ages. The Castle is at the bottom of the…

Wilsontown 25 inch map from 1832

Wilsontown 25 Inch Map

Year: 1832

The 25 inch map, which was Thomson’s Map of 1832, shows the Wilsontown area prior to the arrival of the railway. The rail road mentioned on the map was a…