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Clydesdale's HeritageWelcome to Clydesdale's Heritage, a project aimed at encouraging all people to take an active interest in the heritage and history of the Clydesdale area.

This website is one of several initiatives from Lanark and District Archaeology Society (LADAS) to encourage engagement with the history of the region. The project includes lecture programmes, fieldwalks, cataloguing artefacts, inspiring school pupils during talks and presentations, and working with like-minded organisations – with the end goal being to record and preserve the heritage of Clydesdale.

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Ordnance Survey map of Lesmahagow, 1864

First Ordnance Survey map of Lesmahagow

Year: 1864

The first Ordnance Survey 6″ to 1 mile map of the Lesmahagow area shows a major change in map making. By 1864, the detail included in the maps is considerable.…

Forest map of Quothquan from 1816

Forest Map of Quothquan

Year: 1816

The Forest Map of Quothquan from 1816. This map shows Roadhead as a farm, and also shows that the Manse lay in a field to the west of the ruins…

Thomson map of Netherton from 1832

Thomsons Map of Nethertown

Year: 1832

Thomson map of Netherton and surrounding areas from 1832. The map shows more detail than Forest’s map of 1816, particularly in respect of roads. It also shows that Netherton had…

Forest Map of Lesmahagow, 1819

Forest Map of Lesmahagow

Year: 1819

The Forest Map of Lesmahagow from 1819. The detail of this map is better and more precise than the Ross Map of Lesmahagow from 1773. The map shows the owners…

Ross Map of Lesmahagow from 1773

Ross Map of Lesmahagow

Year: 1773

The Ross Map of Lesmahagow from 1773. The detail in the map does not quite match that of Roys’ map, but it does show some of the dwellings and farms…

Thomson map of Lesmahagow from 1832

Thomson Map of Lesmahagow

Year: 1832

The Thomson Map of Lesmahagow from 1832. The map shows interesting features such as Goldrig, a castle in ruines near Dumbraxhill, and other interesting features such as lint mills and…

Lampits Ferry map from 1864

Lampits Ferry

Year: 1864

This map of c.1864 shows the position of the Lampits Ferry and how Smiths Bakers van would get to Pettinain. The map also shows the Village of Pettinain, which was…

William Roy map of Carstairs, 1750

William Roy map of Carstairs

Year: 1750

The William Roy map shows the village of Carstairs with properties marked out. Of much interest is Carstairs House, which was – at this point – still occupied by the…

Blaeu map of Columbie or Carstairs

Blaeu map of Columbie

Year: 1645

A Blaeu map of Columbie (Carstairs), completed by Joan Blaeu in the mid-17th century. The map references Columbie instead of Carstairs. Later maps of the area show Columbie Farm. Blaeu…

Forest map of Carstairs, 1891

Forest map of Carstairs

Year: 1891

The Forest map of Carstairs from 1819. The map includes interesting details showing milestones and Tolls, as well as Columbie Farm, the Manse, as well as an old mill. Map…

25″ Ordnance Survey map of Carnwath

Year: 1858

A 25″ Ordnance Survey (OS) map of Carnwath from 1858. The map shows the position of the Lockhart Arms Inn, which is now a farm. The tavern was one of…

Timothy Pont map of Carnwath, 1596

Pont map of Carnwath

Year: 1596

This is the Timothy Pont map of Carnwath from 1596. It later formed the basis of the map created by Joan Blaeu of the Netherlands. The map does not mention…