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Early picture of New Lanark


One of the earliest images of New Lanark with a lot of interesting detail.

New Lanark

Year: 1905

This is a picture of New Lanark c.1905. It shows many interesting features including the chimney from the steam generation plant. The power from the plant went through a series…

New Lanark by Winning

Year: 1818

A view of New Lanark completed around 1818 by a man called Winning. He created several prints of New Lanark when all the main buildings had been constructed.

Lithograph Illustration of New Lanark

Year: 1865

This is a lithograph illustration of New Lanark from William Cowan’s history of Lanark from 1865.

Workers from New Lanark

Year: 1890

Here are some of the workers from New Lanark in the 1890s. This would be the early days of the Gourock Ropework Company. They took over New Lanark in 1881.…