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Clydesdale's HeritageWelcome to Clydesdale's Heritage, a project aimed at encouraging all people to take an active interest in the heritage and history of the Clydesdale area.

This website is one of several initiatives from Lanark and District Archaeology Society (LADAS) to encourage engagement with the history of the region. The project includes lecture programmes, fieldwalks, cataloguing artefacts, inspiring school pupils during talks and presentations, and working with like-minded organisations – with the end goal being to record and preserve the heritage of Clydesdale.

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Wilstontown aerial shot

The Story of Wilsontown


Wilsontown–the birthplace of Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. Wilsontown is not a place known to many people but it is the birthplace of Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. Prior to 1779, when work began…

Parish Church, Carstairs

The Carstairs Story


The book, McCallum’s Clydesdale, was written in 1924. It is a mine of useful information and a special chapter is devoted to Carstairs. In his book McCallum describes how he…

The Postal History of Biggar


Exploring the postal history of Biggar and surrounding areas. This exploration of the postal history of Biggar was written and compiled by Brian Dow, and covers the period of time…

Roman Fort at Crawford

Roman Fort at Crawford


This fort was only discovered in 1938 by aerial photography through the work of Professor JKS St Joseph. However, it was not until 1961 that excavations took place and these…

An old photography of Biggar

The History of Biggar


In the reforms and improvements of the 19th century, Biggar was one of only two burghs in Clydesdale to embrace the Police Act of 1863 and keep the status which it…

Mayfield Brickworks, Carluke

Mayfield Brickworks


The photos were taken in February 2012 of the Mayfield Brickworks in Carluke. This brickworks was one of the last brickworks to make hand-made bricks in Scotland. Another point of interest…

Jubilee Fountain, Biggar

Jubilee Fountain


The postcard shown here shows the Jubilee Fountain set up in the late Victorian period to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of 1887. It was made by the firm of McDowall…

Old Carluke

A brief history of Carluke


Although Carluke is a parish with seemingly ordinary buildings and inhabitants, the stories behind the buildings and the people make the town and parish unique. The origins of Carluke’s name…

Earl of Angus, statue, Douglas

A short history of Douglas


Douglas was home to both Wallace supporters, Sir Willam Douglas and his son The Black Douglas (or Good Sir James Douglas), who was a key lieutenant of Robert the Bruce at…

Motte and Bailey Castle

Motte and Bailey Castle


The motte and bailey castle constructed here, the best example surviving in the area, was possibly destroyed at the times of the Wars of Independence; 19th Century excavations uncovered extensive…

St Brides Church, Douglas

Good Sir James Douglas and his tomb


The story of the Good Sir James Douglas is not as well known as William Wallace which is understandable in a way because he was not the iconic figure that…