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Wilsontown 25 inch map from 1832

Wilsontown 25 Inch Map

Year: 1832

The 25 inch map, which was Thomson’s Map of 1832, shows the Wilsontown area prior to the arrival of the railway. The rail road mentioned on the map was a…

Railway Map of 1898 showing coal pits

Railway Map showing coal pits

Year: 1898

A railway map from 1898. This shows just how many coal pits were in production, not to mention the Auchengray Brickworks and the Tarbrax Oil Works. Forth and the surrounding…

Wilstontown aerial shot

The Story of Wilsontown


Wilsontown–the birthplace of Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. Wilsontown is not a place known to many people but it is the birthplace of Scotland’s Industrial Revolution. Prior to 1779, when work began…