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Pont's map of Couthally, 1596

Pont map of Couthally

Year: 1596

Pont’s 1596 map of Couthally. Couthally Castle, near Carnwath, was more important than Carnwath as it was then the home of the Sommerville’s. Later, the estate passed into the hands…

Timothy Pont map of Carnwath, 1596

Pont map of Carnwath

Year: 1596

This is the Timothy Pont map of Carnwath from 1596. It later formed the basis of the map created by Joan Blaeu of the Netherlands. The map does not mention…

Blaeu map of Carnwath, 1645

Blaeu map of Couthally

Year: 1645

A map of Carnwath (Couthally) by Joan Blaeu in 1645. Blaeu was a Dutch cartographer born in Alkmaar, the son of cartographer Willem Blaeu. Couthally rather than Carnwath is mentioned.…

Thomson map of Carnwath, 1832

Thomson Map of Carnwath

Year: 1832

A detailed Thomson Map of Carnwath dating from 1832. Couthally is featured here, though with a slight mis-spelling. Details include the Mansion House (Carnwath House), plus the Kirk and the…

Ross Map of Carnwath, 1773

Ross Map of Carnwath

Year: 1773

A Ross Map of Carnwath dating from 1773. The map includes great detail of Carnwath, including street layouts. It is interesting to note that ‘Cowdayly’ is included in this map.…