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Roy Map of Shieldhill and Quothquan, 1752

Roy Map of Quothquan and Shieldhill

Year: 1752

William Roy’s 1752 map of Quothquan and Shieldhill, showing that the area around Shieldhill had several fields surrounded by trees, part of a designated landscape. Quothquan Mill is shown to…

Blaeu map of Quothquan, 1654

Blaeu map of Quothquan

Year: 1654

The 1654 map of Quothquan by Joan Blaeu. The map does not indicate a settlement at Quothquan, instead showing Quothquan Mill (then named ‘Kothoon Mill’). This was shown at a…

Ross map of Quothquan, 1773

Ross Map of Quothquan

Year: 1773

The Ross Map of Quothquan from 1773. The map shows clearly the settlement of Quothquan stretching alongside a road from Roadhead Farm. The church is not marked on this map;…

Forest map of Quothquan from 1816

Forest Map of Quothquan

Year: 1816

The Forest Map of Quothquan from 1816. This map shows Roadhead as a farm, and also shows that the Manse lay in a field to the west of the ruins…