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Clydesdale's HeritageWelcome to Clydesdale's Heritage, a project aimed at encouraging all people to take an active interest in the heritage and history of the Clydesdale area.

This website is one of several initiatives from Lanark and District Archaeology Society (LADAS) to encourage engagement with the history of the region. The project includes lecture programmes, fieldwalks, cataloguing artefacts, inspiring school pupils during talks and presentations, and working with like-minded organisations – with the end goal being to record and preserve the heritage of Clydesdale.

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Corporal William Angus

Homecoming of Corporal Angus

Year: 1915

In 1915 possibly the largest crowd ever gathered to welcome home Corporal William Angus who had been awarded the Victoria Cross for rescuing a wounded soldier from ‘No Man’s Land’.  …

Boating Pond, Biggar

Boating Pond


A view of Biggar Boating Pond which according to the County of Lanark book was constructed c.1900.

Old Valley of the Clyde, Abington

Old Valley of the Clyde

Year: 1934

Valley of the Clyde. This card is interesting as it records the fact that the writer of the card was on his way up to see the launch of the…

Fisherman's Monument, Abington

Fisherman’s Monument

Year: 1935

This is a view of the Fisherman’s Monument near Abington. It is from a book called ‘The County of Lanark’ which was published in 1935. The Fisherman’s Monument stands on…

Lady Colebrooke's Workshop, Abington

Lady Colebrooke’s Workshop


The company of W.H Scott did a large number of postcards of Lanarkshire. This is a rarer example of their work. Lady Colebrooke’s workshop is shown on many cards of…

Blaeu Map of Lanark from 1650

Blaeu Map

Year: 1650

Blaeu was a Dutch map maker based in Amsterdam. He issued several maps of Lanarkshire in 1654 as part of his world atlas. This was popular throughout the known world and was…

Ordnance Survey map of Wilsontown from 1898

Ordnance Survey, Wilsontown

Year: 1898

This Ordnance Survey map of 1898 shows the profound impact that railways had on an industrial area such as Wilsontown. The station was near Wilsontown House. It still survives but…

Estate map of Douglas, 1822

Plan of Douglas Village

Year: 1822

This is an interesting estate map of Douglas dating to 1822 showing the village as it used to be. It might be useful to compare this to the present day…

General Roy map, 1750

General Roy Map

Year: 1750

This map, completed in the 1750s by General Roy was part of a series completed across Scotland. Wilsontown does not exist at this time. The hamlets of East Forth, West…

Blaeu map of Lesmahagow from 1654

Blaeu map of Lesmahagow

Year: 1654

This Blaeu Map of 1654 shows the area around Lesmahagow. Curiously Lesmahagow does not get a mention though Craighead does. An excavation of the 15th century Tower House was completed…

Pont map of Douglas Castle, 1956

Pont Map, Douglas Castle

Year: 1596

This picture from Pont shows how Douglas Castle may have looked in 1596 when the map for Lanarkshire was created. The late Professor McClean from Dundee thought that Pont Map…

Carnwath Ordnance Survey Map, 1858

Carnwath 1858 OS Map

Year: 1858

This is a very useful map as it shows the position of the Lockhart Arms Inn, now a farm. The tavern was one of the most important in the area.…