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Railway Map of 1898 showing coal pits

Railway Map showing coal pits

Year: 1898

A railway map from 1898. This shows just how many coal pits were in production, not to mention the Auchengray Brickworks and the Tarbrax Oil Works. Forth and the surrounding…

Estate map of Douglas from 1822

Estate Map of Douglas

Year: 1822

An interesting estate map of Douglas from 1822, showing how the village once was.

Ross Map of Lanarkshire, 1772

Ross Map of Lanarkshire

Year: 1772

The Ross Map of Lanarkshire, dating from 1772. By this time, the last Douglas Castle had been built. On the map is Douglas Mill. It is here that Bonnie Prince…

1864 Ordinance Map of Symington

Ordinance Map of Symington

Year: 1864

The first edition of the 1864 Ordinance Map of Symington, showing a site simply called ‘The Place’. This was likely a medieval castle or fortification, though limited information is known…

1914 map of Lanark

Burgh Surveyor’s Map of Lanark

Year: 1913

The map is a fascinating glimpse of Lanark just before the outbreak of war in 1914. Interesting features on this map include a plethora of railway lines which include a railway…

Forest map of 1819 showing Lesmahagow

Forest map

Year: 1819

A Lesmahagow map from 1819. It is better for detail and is more precise than the Ross Map. It shows too the owners of the principle houses, which is very…

Blaeu Map of Lanark from 1650

Blaeu Map

Year: 1650

Blaeu was a Dutch map maker based in Amsterdam. He issued several maps of Lanarkshire in 1654 as part of his world atlas. This was popular throughout the known world and was…

Ordnance Survey map of Wilsontown from 1898

Ordnance Survey, Wilsontown

Year: 1898

This Ordnance Survey map of 1898 shows the profound impact that railways had on an industrial area such as Wilsontown. The station was near Wilsontown House. It still survives but…

Estate map of Douglas, 1822

Plan of Douglas Village

Year: 1822

This is an interesting estate map of Douglas dating to 1822 showing the village as it used to be. It might be useful to compare this to the present day…

General Roy map, 1750

General Roy Map

Year: 1750

This map, completed in the 1750s by General Roy was part of a series completed across Scotland. Wilsontown does not exist at this time. The hamlets of East Forth, West…